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Generations of Hope

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Generations of Hope is a unique program that changes the lives of foster children, retirees, and families by enabling them to create their own neighborhood and forge their own network of caring relationships. At the heart of this community, Hope Meadows, is a sense of shared purpose and values.

Hope Meadows is an innovative, intergenerational, residential community - a five-block small-town neighborhood where children adopted from foster care find permanent and loving homes, as well as grandparents, playmates and an entire neighborhood designed to help them grow up in a secure and nurturing environment. Residents belong to one of three groups often at risk of being marginalized in American society kids caught in the child welfare system, families that adopt children with special behavioral and emotional needs, and retirees who are seeking continued purpose in their daily lives.

Generations of Hope provides nurturing forever families for neglected and abused children, a sense of purpose for retired seniors and lends support for foster and adoptive families


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Charity (501C(3) Organization)


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