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AFS Greater Illinois


Helping to bring the people of the world together is exciting, interesting, and rewarding work. For 70 years, AFS Volunteers have given their time to empower students, families and communities to overcome cultural barriers through increased understanding. Our volunteers come from every pocket of America, and their impact is felt on both a local and global scale. The AFS Greater Illinois Area Team is a group of dedicated volunteers working toward a more just and peaceful world. Our team provides international and intercultural learning experiences to the areas of Illinois outside of Chicago and its nearest suburbs, including Champaign County, and surrounding counties.

As an AFS volunteer, you will help to create a more just and peaceful world through fostering meaningful connections with students, families, and schools. In today’s ever-changing global landscape, building bridges between cultures is more important than ever. Through cultivating increased understanding through cross-cultural connections, you can make a lasting impact and find fulfillment in your work.


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Charity (501C(3) Organization)


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