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Organization Approval

On CUVolunteer, organizations must be approved before they become visible to volunteers. Our moderation staff reviews each organization before approval; they try to review organizations they day they are submitted, but can take up to a week to review every organization in the queue. During this time you can make edits to your organization if necessary, but you will not be able to submit opportunities.

You can view all of the organizations you maintain on the My Organizations page. If it is still awaiting approval, it will be marked as "Unapproved" between the organization title and description. After your organization has been approved, this status indicator will disappear, and you'll be able to start creating opportunities. Organization approval is a one-time process; after your organization has been approved, no additional moderator action is needed unless you create a new organization on the site.

If your organization was submitted over a week ago and still has not been approved, contact us for assistance.