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Creating a COVID-19 Opportunity

We have added an option to CUVolunteer to easily allow organizations to post opportunities which are compatible with guidelines from the CDC and the C-U Department of Public Health to limit the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Please read about our COVID-19 Response before posting an opportunity.

Posting these COVID-19 appropriate opportunities is easy. When creating an opportunity (using either the Quick Form or the Full Form), there is now a checkbox on the final page of the form entitled “This is a COVID-19 Response Opportunity” with some help text to describe what constitutes a valid COVID-19 Response opportunity. You can also edit existing opportunities and check that checkbox if they meet the criteria for COVID-19 Response.

Here is a screenshot of what that option looks like:

Screenshot showing "This is a COVID-19 Response Opportunity" checkbox on last page of opportunity creation form

That's it! Your opportunity will now show up in the COVID-19 response opportunities listing!

Please be aware that the general guidelines for creating an opportunity still apply. In particular, before you can post opportunities on CUVolunteer, you must first create an organization and it must be approved by our moderation team.

Please contact us if you have any questions!