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Sometimes your organization might want to create an opportunity that is very similar to one that already exists on the site; perhaps the old opportunity expired, or is an annual event. In this situation, instead of creating a new opportunity from scratch, you can save time by cloning the one of your existing opportunities.

You can find the Clone Opportunity links on the profile of any opportunity you have access to edit, as well as the My Opportunities page. Clicking this button will take you to the opportunity creation form, with all fields pre-filled with information from the donor opportunity. You can change as much or as little of this information as you like, but we highly recommend changing the opportunity title and timeslot information. (Please note that the site does not allow you to submit an opportunity with timeslot information that occurs in the past.) After submitting the form, you will be taken to a new profile page that is entirely independent of the donor opportunity; you can freely change any information in either opportunity without affecting the other.