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Creating an Opportunity

Once you've created an organization and it has been approved by our moderation team, you can get started creating opportunities. Opportunities represent an event sponsored by your organization that needs volunteers; on CUVolunteer, volunteers can search for opportunities that match their interests through the opportunities list, calendar, and map, as well as by browsing organizations and events.

An opportunity can be created from any of the public opportunity search page and from the My Opportunities page, which shows a list of all of the opportunities you can edit. You may also create a new opportunity by cloning an existing one; for more information, see Opportunity Cloning. Opportunities can contain a lot of information, but we only require the following fields:

  • Title: The name of the opportunity, as it will appear in site listings and searches.
  • Organization: Every opportunity on CUVolunteer must be connected to at least one organization, though many organizations can maintain the same opportunity. 
  • Location: Volunteers need to know where your opportunity takes place. For more information, see Places.
  • Description: A description of the opportunity. A trimmed version will appear in site listings and searches, and the full version will appear on your opportunity's profile page. You might want to include information about the public impact of the opportunity and the duties you expect from volunteers.
  • Timeslots: Timeslots describe when an opportunity occurs, and every opportunity must have at least one. For more information, see Timeslots.

You can also include the following additional information:

  • Event: Sometimes multiple opportunities are all connected to one, larger event, such as a festival or convention. In these cases, you might want to create an event to link your opportunities. For more information, see Events.
  • Related links: Your organization might have a website related to this opportunity, a training manual, or some other resource that you want volunteers to see. You can link to them in this field.
  • Groups and appropriate ages: If your opportunity is appropriate for groups of volunteers or children under 18 years of age, you can indicate so here. Volunteers can search for opportunities that meet these categories, so it's useful to fill out these fields, even though they are not required.
  • Logistics: This section contains a number of questions that volunteers commonly ask about opportunities on the site. Each question has a notes section where you can elaborate on your answers, Like groups and ages, these fields are searchable for volunteers, so if you have the time, you should fill them out to increase the visibility of your opportunity.
  • Register On-Site: If your organization has an external resource you use to collect volunteer information, you can opt out of CUVolunteer's registration process. For more information, see Off-Site Registration.
  • Interests and Skills: Listed are a number of interests and skills that might be relevant to your opportunity. These are searchable fields, so while the lists are long, choosing relevant terms could help increase the visibility of your opportunity.

After you submit your opportunity, you will be taken to its profile page. Your opportunity should be immediately visible in all site searches and listings, including the map and calendar. You can edit your opportunity at any time, though be warned - after volunteers have signed up, you might not be able to change your opportunity's timeslots.