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COVID-19 Response

In a time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and everyone's need to follow CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines to limit the spread of the disease, volunteers can still remain connected their communities and what they need. As you peruse CUVolunteer in search of volunteer opportunities, please extend your search to agency websites to learn more about how their operations may currently be impacted by changing health concerns, and to learn if they are presently accepting volunteers. Consider signing up for their digital newsletters, or opt into any ways they advertise how people can volunteer virtually or donate supplies or funds to help them continue the sensitive work they do. Please be aware that some volunteer opportunities may have been posted on CUVolunteer before the start of this pandemic and therefore plans and needs may have changed for these organizations, but they may not have had a chance to come to CUVolunteer to remove or reschedule these posted opportunities.

Staying informed

Here are additional sources of information about how to respond to COVID-19:

How you can help

If you're looking for ways to help out in the midst of this crisis, here are a few options:

For volunteers

For volunteer agencies:

  • Please archive any opportunities on CUVolunteer which are no longer happening in response to COVID-19 (view my opportunities)
  • Please clearly indicate opportunities which ARE still occurring despite (or in response to) COVID-19 (learn how to post COVID-19 response opportunities)
  • Consider finding ways to provide virtual volunteer opportunities, when possible

We can get through this together

Even though we're living through an unprecedented time in most of our lives, we can all do our part to care for each other and keep our friends', families', and neighbors' morale up. While we're physically isolating ourselves, we can still find ways to help out in our communities. We will get through this together, and our community will get through this together. Thank you for being a part of what makes our community so strong!