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Benefits of Volunteering

(Source: The Health Benefits of Volunteering by the Corporation for National & Community Services)

  • Volunteers report greater life satisfaction and lower rates of depression
  • Volunteers tend to live longer than those who do not volunteer
  • Older volunteers experience even greater health benefits, such as improved physical and mental health
  • States where volunteer rates are higher tend to have lower mortality rates and incidences of heart disease

(Source: UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch survey)

  • 84% agree that “more people would volunteer if their employers helped provide the means and the motivation”
  • 81% agree that “volunteering with work colleagues has strengthened our relationships”
  • 76% agree that “I feel better about my employer because of their involvement in my volunteer activities”
  • 88% agree that volunteering provides networking and career development opportunities

(Source: United Way)

  • Enhances psychological, social, and intellectual development
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle and choices
  • Teaches responsibility and helps children to develop empathy
  • Creates a lifelong ethic of service
  • Develops skills in leadership, problem solving, organization, etc.



  • Provides critical services for those in need
  • Enables nonprofit organizations to serve more community members in need
  • Provides economic benefits to the community: one volunteer hour is worth approximately $17 to the community